An Example of How ADHD Coaching is Different than Parenting

Why do you need an ADHD coach? Why can’t you just read about ADHD parenting resources? I get this question quite often. I liken it to driver’s ed. Think back to when you learned to drive. Who had the better experiences, the kid’s whose parents taught them or the ones who took driver’s ed? I remember a lot more stories of trauma and drama from the kids whose parents taught them then from the kids who took driver’s ed.  Putting a child in a neutral, professional environment gives them the opportunity to learn. There is no history, no memories of bad experiences, no concern over what happens after the lesson. It’s a time when the child and coach can focus on the task at hand, learn a new skill or strategy, and then let go. The pressure of the lesson is over and the child can take a step back and relax. It’s ok to have someone else work with your child on the hard stuff so that you and your child can have more positive experiences together instead of negative ones.

-Robin Sonntag, ADHD Coach

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